Who is eligible to join the Acme Club?

Anyone in Africa or any part of the world who is willing to join our cause to push African brands to the global stage.

The club is divided into two unique groups:

Acme Dhahabu:

For people who have registered, operational businesses or work with registered brands and are looking to broaden their scope and build local networks and synergies for their brand while promoting other brands. You get access to insights about your industry, data and analytics to help influence decisions, a chance to advertise your business, and support from other brands in pushing your business.

Acme Jazi:

For people who are enthusiastic about business, plan on starting their own business, or are generally looking to build strong business networks for the future. It is ideally a youth-inclined group. You get access to business insights, first-hand information about job and business opportunities in Africa and the world, discounts, and offers from our business brands, and fun games and activities.


Betting companies, lottery companies, alcoholic beverage companies, pyramid schemes, forex traders and any other company that does not fit our criteria or meet our purpose