Promoting, celebrating, and encouraging African businesses to do and be more than just money-making entities.

Professional development

We will question all your assumptions. Help you unlearn so you can learn what truly matters.

Building Relationships & Synergies

We believe business flows out of relationships. We want to build quality relationships and solid connections.

Marketing & Opportunities

Market your business with members of the club. Get discounts only for members of the club.


ACME is an innovative, business inspired club that brings businesses and business-minded people together to form an elite society that thrives by helping one another. We are committed to building global brands because we believe African businesses can increase their economic relevance in the global markets. By creating synergies and building solid local and international connections, we take giant steps towards achieving our dream of increase African brands with global relevance.


By joining our elite society, you get access to:

    • business insights
    • an exclusive book club with top books from industry experts
    • useful industry data and analytics
    • advertising platform
    • job opportunities
    • exclusive club discounts and offers
    • fun activities
    • a strong network of local marketers for your brand

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